Destination Paso!

We are taking a little wine vacation this week. To start, Kaili and I made our way to Orange County  to meet a friend for lunch and visit with my dad. Kaili has adjusted just fine to the time change. She has woken up a little earlier than normal but everything else is right on track.

Enjoying the warm Fall weather
Sunset over Laguna
Talking to daddy during dinner

The next morning we hit the road to meet Shane in Ventura and visit with his co-workers. <—which actually means they wanted to see Kaili. After a nice little tour of the county building, Kaili and I headed back to the hotel for some R&R. After a little rest her and I headed out to the beach. The weather has been absolutely perfect.

It’s been about a year since we have spent some time in Ventura. These days Kaili is a big girl and can walk the pier all by herself.

See ya mama!
checking out the scene

Did I mention the weather? I know I did,  but you have no idea how amazing it was out there. After our little stroll, I talked Kaili into a photo shoot…

The “oh my” look
the “concerned” look
the “anticipation” look
happy girl

After our beach fun, we headed out for a nice walk around town. Then headed to the park. The great thing about where Shane stays in Ventura, is that the beach is across the street to the west and a nice big park is across the street  to the East.  Oh and a ton of fun bars and restaurants just a few blocks up… not too shabby

she slid down all by herself. Then I attacked her with my sunglasses, apparently!
love her face when she swings high

Once Shane got off work the three of us headed back out to the pier for some Tuesday taco’s. The food was good but the weather made it great, sitting outside in the warm weather and the waves crashing can make anything taste good….almost anything.

We ended the night with my Aunt and Uncle, sitting in the room, sipping wine and watching Obama bag four more years. Awesome day my friends!

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