Day 2 {sorry, no catchy title}

We were out of Ventura before 9:00 A.M this morning. We planned it so Kaili would take a nap in the car while we drove north to Avila beach, she did and it worked out perfectly. Shane and I were in Avila beach last year when we stumbled upon Avila Valley Barn. Kaili was just a tiny thing so I knew I wanted to take her back when she was a little older. We made the barn our first stop. Kaili got a little exercise and loved the animals as I suspected.

Apple Valley Barn

We left the barn with some yummy baked goods to enjoy at the winery. Next up, Avila pier. Avila beach is such a beautiful  place. We hit a few tasting rooms and then sat out by the water to enjoy some more wine and cheese.

Kaili had to see the doggy
Spectacular views
Woods Winery
not too shabby of a view

Our next stop was Paso Robles. Before checking into our loft at EOS we wanted to try a winery nearby. Doce Robles was recommended to us and we were fans, we left with a lot of wine and are now members. Kaili loved the winery animals, I think tomorrow we will only go to the wineries that have cats and dogs. Good plan!

Doce Robles Winery
Ava the winery dog
Min Min the winery cat

Last year when we did some wine tasting in Paso we decided that we would stay at the loft above the EOS winery tasting room. Shane is a member of Three Rivers Winery in Walla Walla and lucky for us they have  some sister wineries in CA. EOS in Paso, Firestone near Solvang and handful more. Part of the member benefits is the Loft at EOS. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and living room. We checked in, hit the store, grilled some steaks, pulled the cork and sat back and enjoyed the evening.

EOS Loft
EOS Loft

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