Animals Make the Wine Taste Good

Thank goodness for Winery animals. These critters allow us to have a great time wine tasting because Kaili is happily occupied.

Isn’t it strange that glasses = studious instead of broken eyes?
brushing up on oenology

Kaili became  fast  friends with the Minassian Young winery cat. She was a sweet little thing.

nice kitty

Kaili chased this thing around the tasting room for a good 30 minutes but then the inevitable happened….the cat turned on her, biting her on the arm. Kaili was devastated. Not so much that it hurt but I think she felt betrayed by her feline friend. It was actually really sad to witness.

bad kitty

The day was full of different wineries, all sorts of animals…even fish.

Kaili was superb all day. She didn’t get an afternoon nap and she started to spiral down around 4:00 pm. Against our better judgement {even though Shane made it clear he didn’t think it was a good idea} we went out to dinner.  Il Cortilie is a highly recommended Italian restaurant and we just had to eat there. The food = AMAZING! Unfortunately it was hard to enjoy because of cranky pants. She was overly tired and wasn’t having it any longer. But I must say my crostini with caramelized fennel and fresh burrata was to DIE for!

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