This past week Kaili has transitioned from two naps to one nap and I don’t like it.  First thing in the morning we go to the gym which is great because she gets out of the house and plays with her friends, this pushes her morning nap closer to 11:00. Problem is, she is only sleeping for 1 hour. NOT LONG ENOUGH. Even if she is tired later in the afternoon she wont sleep, so she is getting overly tired and waking up in the middle of the night. Why are we moving backwards? I have to find a way to lengthen her nap, any suggestions?

This weekend we drank Argentinian wine, ate Indian food and Kaili went to her first birthday party. Kaili also got a lot of play time with her doggy Rillo. Our next door neighbors Labrador has been diagnosed with throat cancer and wont be around much longer. I am trying to let Kaili get all the play time with him as she can before we leave for Wa. Rillo may not be around when we get back. This makes my heart hurt.

A girl and her dog
A girl and her dog
"give me the toy!"
“give me the toy!”


Kaili’s friend Isla is turning 2 years old and had a party at PlayWerx in Carlsbad. Kaili had a really fun time but started to deteriorate the later it got.

The slide was her favorite, followed by the cake.


Just say no to the party hat
Just say no to the party hat

It was a fun time, but she did not sleep well that night.

One thought on “Transitioning

  1. That transition is the worst! That was my August 2011 and I was counting down until the school year started and I could go back to work. That Berkeley link I sent you a while back has some info about nap transitions. I think the only thing that worked for me is that I took him to fulltime daycare. Ha! Good luck!!

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