Sick, Tired and Cold

It has been so cold here, too cold. On top of that Kaili came down with a cold. One minute she was fine and then BAM she was snotty, congested and had a fever. I can feel the ick try to take over me, I really hope I can stay healthy.

Sunday football was something else huh? And how about the Golden Globes, did you watch? Since Homeland swept the awards, you need to jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t yet. I was also happy to see Girls get the win, season 2 just started back up on Sunday, watch it!

Call me a wimp but I just can’t get outside in this frigid weather. It was 34 degrees this morning, that means shoes, socks, layers and layers and I didn’t sign up for that shit. So instead of outdoor fun I have been trying my best to pull off indoor activities for K, some have been a hit and some not so much. It really depends on her mood and with this cold sometimes her mood isn’t always charming. I thought I would share a few ideas in case you find yourself with a sick toddler on a cold day.

IMG_20130114_160842 IMG_20130114_160806

1. Sensory Shaving Cream Activity- Squirt shaving cream onto table, high chair or cookie sheet. Add food coloring, glitter, or glue for puffy paint.

2. Mess Free Finger Painting.

3. Stringing Cheerios- Give them cheerios and a pipe cleaner and demonstrate how to “string”.

4. Fill Balloons with Play dough for sensory fun.

5. Discovery Bottles.

6. Glue velcro onto craft sticks- Let them stick and unstick to their hearts content.

7. Frost a cookie- Give them a cookie or a graham cracker and let them spread on a yummy topping.

8. Ice Cube Painting-Fill as many slots in the ice cube trays as you want halfway with paint and fill it the rest of the way up with water. Stir the paint and water mixture with the popsicle sticks and place one popsicle stick in each mixture. Place the tray in the freezer until each mixture is frozen completely. Pop put the ice cubes and let the kids paint with them on paper.

9. Pudding Art- Vanilla Pudding + food coloring make delicious edible finger paint.

10. Contact Paper Art.

13 thoughts on “Sick, Tired and Cold

  1. I have an almost 2 year old. Thanks for these great ideas! I hadn’t thought of some of them. I think the Pudding Art will be a big hit with my daughter. And safe if accidentally eaten lol (:

  2. My two year old has speech and sensory issues and would try to eat the shaving cream if left unsupervised. I wonder if whipped cream would work?

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