The Jewel of the Pretzel

I finally made these. I really like this girls blog, she is a kick ass baker and her posts are fun to read. These have been taunting me on Pinterest for like evAH. When Kiah and I started making these  we realized quickly how bad at shaping pretzels we are and what a terrible job it would be. We slowly got better by the last batch. Not a 10 in the looks department but the taste is what counts and these are good. I also made the cheese sauce to go with it and it was a hit, they were all gone by the end of the day.


It was a perfect weather weekend and we took advantage and spent Friday in La Jolla. The Sea lions were showing off and even a squirrel got in on the action. Then we hit one of our favorite restaurants WhiskNLadle for lunch.

IMG_20130201_142106 IMG_20130201_151156 IMG_20130201_142235 IMG_20130201_141508 IMG_20130201_141158 IMG_20130201_140754

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