Playdough Add Ons

PlayDough, an obvious favorite for children. It’s great for little hands to manipulate and helps build fine motor skills. A simple tactile activity and  it can be used in so many different ways. They can pull it, squash it, roll, it cut it, flatten it, poke it and so on.

One extension to enhance their imagination is to introduce toy animals.


Pig tracks
Pig tracks

After a while you can introduce another element.

Add sticks for a barnyard zoo
Add sticks for a barnyard zoo

The ideas are endless.

PlayDough Tool Ideas

popsicle sticks

toy cars

toy animals

sticks, leaves, rocks from an outside nature walk


dried noodles

dried beans

shells for making imprints

sand for a different texture

googly eyes for funny faces or sad faces—> then you can talk about emotions. See how this works?

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