Weekly Favorites

Today I am leaving on mini vacation. Thanks to my family I can get away for the weekend sans K bear. Destination, San Francisco. I really can’t wait. Sitting on a train, watching the ocean go by, reading and writing. ALL BY MYSELF!  I don’t get to say that often…so I am going to bathe in those words for the day.

Favorite Recipe- Scallops + bacon + brussel sprouts? Um, I have a feeling this is going to be good.


Favorite For The Home– In my other life, the one where I live in a beach house. This will be my bathroom.


Favorite Photo– Seriously, this is a good picture. David and Redfoo from LMFAO. They met at the Australian open. I told him to invite him over…still waiting.


Favorite Valentine’s Day Idea- Valentine’s day or Thursday, whatever you want to call it…This is fun for the kids, or the adults depending on who you are.


Favorite Quote– I may do just this.


Favorite Funny-  There are some days I just outdo myself.


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