So Cal by Train

Taking a train isn’t a terrible way to travel. No security, no lines and not many people.

Santa Fe Train Station
Santa Fe Train Station

My trip started in downtown SD and I grabbed a seat by the window, ocean side of course. Computer, water, phone, Kindle and enough on my mind to keep me occupied. What more does a girl need?

IMG_20130213_123654 IMG_20130213_125315

The weather was AMAZING and so was the view. Amtrack runs along the ocean until San Juan Capistrano and then hit heads inland a bit. Making quite a few stops but they are so quick it’s almost unnoticeable.


San Clemente
San Clemente

The two girls in front of me passed the time talking about makeup and “oh my god, like totally don’t use a makeup sponge because it makes your skin so, bleh” Her words, not mine! Then they chatted about where to drink in LA. Reservations were made at Beni-Hana a few minutes later…typical.

IMG_20130213_143817 IMG_20130213_150255

The time went by fast, 3 hours later we were in LA.  The scenery changed and I put more effort into a book that is hard to get going on.Then a woman went to get cup of water  out of the dispenser and it sprayed her in the face. That was enough to decide that people watching and day dreaming is more fun.


Once in Ventura we stopped by the hotel to drop off my shit bags and then we walked up to Main st. for dinner. This was the view on our walk.


Not too shabby of a day.


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