Weekly Favorites

Has this been a long ass week or what? My toddler is testing her boundaries and it’s testing my patience. I am ready for reinforcements.

Favorite DIY– This is brilliant and something I may need to look into making in the near future.

time out

Favorite Recipe- 5 Ingredient simple coconut curry noodles. Not sure why I haven’t had this yet. But soon.


Favorite Photo- No words needed.


Favorite Quote- This is true. Always and forever.


Favorite Destination- You better Belize it. Belize is on the very top of my want- to -do list.


Favorite Funny-  I did laugh out loud when I saw this. That wins!


Favorite TipHow to eat a cupcake. We have been doing it all wrong.


Favorite Video- Rob Delaney, a comedian and Twitter sensation gives a sexy baseball scouting report.

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