A Tip Or Four

Kaili took a two hour nap today. Thursday are SO much better than Tuesdays. Last Tuesday was the second in a row where she was a royal pain. Cranky and defiant. My friends, I fear  we are entering the terrible two’s.

She is also entering a stage where she afraid of noises and is super jumpy. I know it’s an age appropriate fear but it’s kind of a pain in the ass. She has gotten over her fear of being sucked down the drain in the bathtub and exchanged it for running to me in fear every time a motorcycle or an airplane goes by. People, we live near an airport.

The latest issue of Parenting had some great parenting advice and I thought I would share a few of them with you, because I like you.

~”The surest way to make life difficult for your children is to make it too easy for them. Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child. -Betsy Brown Braun

~”When your kids are older, they will not remember that you went out once in a while-but you will.” Elisa D.

~”When you’re really angry, pretend someone is watching and judging you. It will force you to stay ultra-calm.” Allison McDonald

~”When it comes to raising children, your grandparents philosophical advice will be spot-on. Their medical advice will be terrible.”

Kaili is starting to make animal sounds, this means we are moving in the right direction. Her speech teacher advised us to take another 6 week class instead of one on one therapy since Kaili’s language is progressing.




Worked up an appetite. edamame break.
Worked up an appetite. edamame break.

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