20 Things You Wont Here Me Say

1. I can’t wait to be pregnant again and twins would be amazing.

2. I want to climb Mt. Everest.

3. I think am going to homeschool.

4. I don’t need to renew my subscription to US weekly.

5. Preschool isn’t necessary.

6. No thanks, I don’t like cupcakes.

7. I think I will go to church today.

8. I love the cold weather.

9. I have too many shoes.

10. I hope they run more political ads next election.

11. I love the movie Twilight!

12. I’m not going to renew my passport, I don’t have any desire to see the world.

13. I’m a vegan.

14. A beach house is a terrible idea.

15. I love getting my period, I wish it came more often.

16. Nah, I don’t want a housekeeper, I love cleaning.

17. Let’s go to Applebee’s.

18. I am going to have a home birth.

19. Let’s see what’s on Fox News.

20. I don’t drink.

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