Shaving Cream Bath Paint

I’ve been thinking about getting some bath paints for K but keep going back and forth because I just don’t know if she will really use them. So I thought giving her colored shaving cream at bath time might be a good test, and it was. She seemed really interested when I first introduced them but was over it fast. Pouring water is much more fun at this time in her life..apparently.

What I did learn is that you don’t want to use gel food coloring. I made a few colors with the liquid coloring and a few with the gel coloring and the gel will stain. It didn’t seem to stain the tub but it did stain my skin. Maybe you don’t care if you child gets out of the bath multi-colored, I do.

IMG_20130311_173704 IMG_20130311_180344

I will wait a few weeks and then try this activity again. Well maybe that’s not true, I may make a green bath day for St. Patricks day!

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