Sharing For Life

I spent most of the morning shelling pistachios for the kid, if you wondered what it’s like having a 2 year old. I should know by now that if I want to eat something, she will want it too. I have come to the realization that nothing will ever be just mine again. I can here Shane now, “I realized that the day we got married.” Shh, no one asked you.

I need to apologize to my mom for all those times I begged to order the bubble gum ice cream but ended up wanting your butter pecan cone. I now know the pain I put you through.

In preparation to get K ready for the queen bed, we took off the safety rail part of her bed. She fell out of bed twice the other night, so it’s working out well. The first night she did fine, the second night I heard a loud thud around midnight. The first thing I thought was “she fell out of her bed” but it wasn’t followed by crying so maybe not. A minute later, “MOM, MOMMY, MOM, MOM!!” I walked in to find her laying on the ground. “I fell, but I’m okay.” I told her she was brave as I layed her back down. An hour later, THUD, this time followed by crying. Dammit kid, get it together! This time I gathered some pillows and put them on the floor, obviously the pool noodle I put under her sheet doesn’t do a damn thing. She was quiet the rest of the night and the night after that. I don’t know how you teach a kid to not roll out of bed but I think that has to be a terrible way to wake up.

She has plenty of time to sort it out before she moves beds and I like to think that with all the room she will have with the queen, it shouldn’t be an issue, right?

We took K down to Coronado beach this weekend. The weather has been gorgeous and she has a new found hobby of building sand castles. Once your toes hit the soft sand of Coronado it makes you wonder why you ever go to any other beach, it’s that nice.



We wandered the streets of Coronado hitting up a tasting room, eating a decent lunch and stopping to pet all the dogs. By the end of the day K and I were wiped out. It felt like a summer day and to think Spring is only a month away.

What Did I Get Myself Into?

The last I left off on the preschool hunt for Kaili was that I found a place I really liked but I hadn’t ruled out my old school. Well I got an offer I couldn’t refuse… I am going to go back to teaching for a little bit. A teacher friend of mine wants some time off so I have decided to take her class part time. Kaili will be joining the 2 year old class while I teach the older kids, right next door…sigh. I am excited, anxious and will admit a tad nervous,  for all of us involved.


I am happy to be getting back in the classroom, ready to get out out of the house and talk to anyone other than Kaili, her conversations skills just aren’t cutting it for me. She really needs this, socially, emotionally and cognitively, so I know it will be great for her. Her speech teacher is also recommending one-on-one speech therapy throughout the summer. Being alone with me is making it too easy for her not to use the language that I know she has. Now she will be forced to communicate.


I am nervous, nervous about having her see me throughout the day but not be able to be with me. It’s me and her 98% of the time, all day everyday. This is sure to be hard on both of us. I am also really anxious about nap time. She is still in her crib and showing no signs of trying to crawl out so I am in no hurry to transition her to a toddler bed. At school she will be napping on a cot, god help those teachers. She doesn’t and hasn’t slept anywhere but her crib or her pack n play. I planned it like that and my strict routine has made for easy breezy naps and bed times. Here is where the hard part will come in and I  have laid awake thinking about this.

I have watched other mothers go through this for years so it isn’t new stuff to me. But  other peoples children don’t pull at your heartstrings, so in a way, it is all new to me. I’ve got a month to sort myself out before we jump in with both feet.


A Tip Or Four

Kaili took a two hour nap today. Thursday are SO much better than Tuesdays. Last Tuesday was the second in a row where she was a royal pain. Cranky and defiant. My friends, I fear  we are entering the terrible two’s.

She is also entering a stage where she afraid of noises and is super jumpy. I know it’s an age appropriate fear but it’s kind of a pain in the ass. She has gotten over her fear of being sucked down the drain in the bathtub and exchanged it for running to me in fear every time a motorcycle or an airplane goes by. People, we live near an airport.

The latest issue of Parenting had some great parenting advice and I thought I would share a few of them with you, because I like you.

~”The surest way to make life difficult for your children is to make it too easy for them. Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child. -Betsy Brown Braun

~”When your kids are older, they will not remember that you went out once in a while-but you will.” Elisa D.

~”When you’re really angry, pretend someone is watching and judging you. It will force you to stay ultra-calm.” Allison McDonald

~”When it comes to raising children, your grandparents philosophical advice will be spot-on. Their medical advice will be terrible.”

Kaili is starting to make animal sounds, this means we are moving in the right direction. Her speech teacher advised us to take another 6 week class instead of one on one therapy since Kaili’s language is progressing.




Worked up an appetite. edamame break.
Worked up an appetite. edamame break.