Sharing For Life

I spent most of the morning shelling pistachios for the kid, if you wondered what it’s like having a 2 year old. I should know by now that if I want to eat something, she will want it too. I have come to the realization that nothing will ever be just mine again. I can here Shane now, “I realized that the day we got married.” Shh, no one asked you.

I need to apologize to my mom for all those times I begged to order the bubble gum ice cream but ended up wanting your butter pecan cone. I now know the pain I put you through.

In preparation to get K ready for the queen bed, we took off the safety rail part of her bed. She fell out of bed twice the other night, so it’s working out well. The first night she did fine, the second night I heard a loud thud around midnight. The first thing I thought was “she fell out of her bed” but it wasn’t followed by crying so maybe not. A minute later, “MOM, MOMMY, MOM, MOM!!” I walked in to find her laying on the ground. “I fell, but I’m okay.” I told her she was brave as I layed her back down. An hour later, THUD, this time followed by crying. Dammit kid, get it together! This time I gathered some pillows and put them on the floor, obviously the pool noodle I put under her sheet doesn’t do a damn thing. She was quiet the rest of the night and the night after that. I don’t know how you teach a kid to not roll out of bed but I think that has to be a terrible way to wake up.

She has plenty of time to sort it out before she moves beds and I like to think that with all the room she will have with the queen, it shouldn’t be an issue, right?

We took K down to Coronado beach this weekend. The weather has been gorgeous and she has a new found hobby of building sand castles. Once your toes hit the soft sand of Coronado it makes you wonder why you ever go to any other beach, it’s that nice.



We wandered the streets of Coronado hitting up a tasting room, eating a decent lunch and stopping to pet all the dogs. By the end of the day K and I were wiped out. It felt like a summer day and to think Spring is only a month away.

2 thoughts on “Sharing For Life

  1. How nice to have a nearby soft sand beach. and the weather to go along with it. Kaili looks so cute and seems to be enjoying herself. It will be fun for her to have a baby sister!

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