In Search Of A Preschool

I have been on the search for a good Preschool with a toddler/2 year old program for Kaili to join next Fall. You’re probably thinking “but you  worked at a preschool for years” Am I right?” So why would I need to look around? Well, as much as I loved the school I taught at…..there were things I didn’t love. One was the director, but she is no longer there, so that doesn’t count, does it? Second is that the classrooms don’t have bathrooms in them. That was a huge adjustment for me when I started working there, not having a  bathroom in the classroom,crazy! Third , the learning part of the A.M. curriculum is a little shorter than other programs due to an early lunch and once a week chapel visits.

Shane was all “why does she need to go to a preschool? You are a teacher, you can teach her at home.” Nope. People, you can’t homeschool preschool. You can’t homeschool socialization.

With that said I had a few preschools in mind that I knew I wanted to check out and a couple that have been recently recommended. I loved all of them! Well almost all of them. The first one I went to was great, so great I wondered how I didn’t know about this place when I first moved down  here and was looking for a new teaching position. I left that school thinking it was going to be hard to beat, I mean the place seemed great.

The next day I had a morning appointment with another school, they had already sent me a packet in the mail with the do’s and don’ts, wont’s and wants of the school, one of the requirements is that every child enrolled HAS to be potty trained by September. Now, this isn’t a huge issue because I hope to have my daughter potty trained by then HOWEVER, If I don’t…….then what?  Well, I wasn’t promised my registration fee back in full so I am not sure that is the best route to take. I really liked the director of the school and ended up talking to her for awhile, the school was nice and it seemed like a great place to enroll your child and a great place to teach. I gave away some amazing teaching ideas { if i do say so myself } I will somehow take full credit for them.

I headed on down to the next preschool, and this one  was recommended by a friend who has her daughter in the 2 year old class, she loves it. As I was parking in the lot I realized how really awesome the view was.

This school has a bay view, palm trees, ocean, SeaWorld. I have envied the teachers, students and anyone who attended this place because of the view for years. So when I parked, I stopped to take a picture so I could share the view with you.


When I walked in I wasn’t greeted by anyone. …..crickets. Also there wasn’t a security gate or door, the place was wide open. So I found my  own way to the messy office and was looked at strangely by a disheveled lady who was clearly annoyed I was there. When I told her who I was she seemed confused. I  asked her if she could give me a tuition sheet and a quick tour of the classrooms.  She reluctantly said yes and took me around but it “had to be quick” because it was a “very busy day”, I was clearly an inconvenience. She showed me classroom to classroom and it was..ugh, it was bad! When we poked into the 2 year old classroom the teacher had kids crawling on her, a couple boys were on the floor crying and the room smelled. In another room we walked into, a little girl threw a plastic ball at us and the lady { I assume she was either the director or assistant director, she never did introduce herself} shot the kid a death look. The teacher never did say anything to the little girl for throwing a ball at visitors, too busy I guess.

Back in the office she took my name and gave me the tuition pamphlet and as I was leaving I actually said “sorry for bothering you” then I looked down at their pamphlet  and I realized THIS WAS NOT THE RIGHT FUCKING PRESCHOOL! THANK GOD!

So it turns out I just wanted that school with the view to be the awesome school my friend was talking about but it wasn’t. The school she was really recommending was as great as could be. They do have a wait list so we will have to see if we can get her in.

I haven’t given up on my old school, this is still an option. I am planning on taking Kaili in to play while I talk to the director, you never know.

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