Pics and a Dish

There is something to be said for having your baby daddy home every night. Last week Shane worked from home due to the short holiday week and holy moly people, that extra person makes a huge difference, don’t take it for granted!

The long weekend was just that, long. Long in a good way! Friday night my brother and I joined my dad to watch the US mens national soccer team take on Guatemala at Qualcomm. That was my first national team game and I to must make it more of a habit. SO FUN! We won, 6-0….and the crowd goes wild.

IMG_20130705_194550 IMG_20130705_202120 IMG_20130705_221146

Saturday morning we were lucky enough to catch Miss Kiah in Pacific Beach. She was visiting for the weekend with her boyfriend. We didn’t want to cramp her style, so we made it quick.

Kaili was happy to see Kiah, Kaili was not happy to see the beach. This girl, my girl, does NOT like the ocean. We may have to spend every Christmas on a beach vacation to teach that girl a lesson, or buy a beach house????




Let’s not forget about the Paleo Sheperd’s pie we  I made. The recipe called for lamb, as it should. We ended up at a local market/butcher shop and they wanted 20$ for a lb. of ground lamb, seriously….they did have some frozen but that wasn’t going to work. So beef it was. It turned out really good but again a little greasy . Next time I would use half lamb, half beef, really limit the coconut oil and skim as much of the fat as I can. The end result? Good stuff!


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