Long Day

Kaili has been playing quietly in her room, alone for the past 20 minutes. The last time she was in there entertaining herself she came out butt booty naked and had indian war painted poop all over her. I am nervous about what may come.

Tuesday’s are the only day I am not working as Kaili is supposed to have speech but her teacher wanted a summer vacation so I am stuck with the kid today. It’s hot and humid outside making it difficult to really want to be out there for too long. What did I do when I was home all day everyday with her? Jeezus, this school thing was a great idea. We ate breakfast, took a walk, played in the water table, took a shower, colored, ate lunch and it’s not even noon yet.

Sprinkles to entice her to actually eat the banana. Didn't really work.
Sprinkles to entice her to actually eat the banana. Didn’t really work.

IMG_20130709_155530 IMG_20130709_155507


Playing with feathers
Playing with feathers

She’s been doing fine with no naps, which is scary but it is what it is. If she naps it throws off her bedtime by a few hours, which is crazy and happened the day she started school. Sometimes that is ok but sometimes it’s not, ya know I’m saying? I mean I got to get that girl in bed at a reasonable time, my favorite shows are 2 hours long and I need them watched before Shane gets home so I don’t have to hear about how bad they are.

Tomorrow we go back to school, I think she’s happy about it.

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