What A Weekend!

I had the best weekend, ab fab! Kristi came out late Friday night to celebrate her birthday with yours truly. She brought along her brother in-law or in her words , “a play date for Shane.”

Saturday morning we hit the bay for some paddle boarding. The weather wasn’t the greatest but it turned out to be just fine meaning it didn’t rain, and we weren’t shivering. The only concern I had once we were on our boards was that we were surrounded and I really mean surrounded by jelly fish. Big ones, small ones, gazillions of them. I really didn’t want to go swimming with them, at all! Luckily mission accomplished, we stayed dry.

We followed up the SUP morning with cake and champagne. I made a coconut cake for the birthday girl but I I half-assed it using a Trader Joe’s vanilla cake mix and doctoring it up. The frosting was coconut cream cheese, there really isn’t anything better.

I apologize for any regurgitated pictures. If you are following me on Instagram you have seen some of these. I try not to do this very often but this weekend was so busy that you’re just going to have to deal and accept my apology 🙂


After K’s nap we took the trolley downtown to grab lunch and people watch  the crazies at Comic Con. Next year or one year soon we will get tickets and really check the whole thing out. (AKA meet True Blood stars) I could have stayed down there all day  and night…next time.

We ate lunch at Hodad’s because A). we haven’t been to the downtown location yet. B). anything remotely close to the convention center was packed and C.) it’s Hodad’s, if you haven’t gone you should.


After lunch we headed to a little tasting room and enjoyed the scenery and some wine. Kaili was such a trooper , happily went along with everything we did, and none of the costumes scared her…bonus!

IMG_20130720_163454 IMG_20130720_171604 IMG_20130720_171153 IMG_20130720_171116

We ended the night with pizza, more wine and some hot tub converstions. Such a great day.

Get that pizza!!
Get that pizza! Picture courtesy of Kristi Kowalski

The next morning we hit the beach for some breakfast. Kaili wasn’t in tears when I dragged her down to the ocean, things are looking up.

IMG_20130721_094746 IMG_20130721_095730 IMG_20130721_095659 IMG_20130721_092932

Quick video of ComicCon people watching.

2 thoughts on “What A Weekend!

  1. I thought the cake was GREAT, btw 🙂 Thanks again for a great weekend! Always love spending time with the Snyders.. — Speaking of..I think I forgot my card there AND my Hodad tank and shirt Save em for me please!

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