A Glimpse of the Classroom

We have been busy and looking at my calendar I noticed we only have one weekend that doesn’t have anything scheduled through the first half of September. Now all of the sudden it’s August and I should be writing up the school newsletter and getting next months curriculum done but I have been bad about getting blog posts up so that will have to wait.

The last week at school we talked about light and colors. The kids became scientists as they discovered how light travels, they created colorful kaleidoscopes and mixed colors in different ways, the results were surprising and they seemed to have a blast.

I filled 3 empty jars with water and added liquid water colors, red, blue and yellow. They took the lead using a medicine dropper to mix     different colors in an empty ice tray. They did this activity for 3 straight days, patiently taking turns.


 Painting with 2 of the primary colors each day resulted in color changing fun.


Torn paper rainbow collage. I brought this activity out each day until it was finished. They worked hard.



Kaili enjoys herself at school. She loves her little friend Kaedyn, a girlfriend of mine and fellow teachers daughter.


IMG_20130719_085412 IMG_20130725_084511

Next weeks curriculum is Beach and Ocean, stay tuned for some fun ideas!

Beach Feet
Beach Feet

I just got back from a girls weekend away and I will tell you all about it!

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