The Moms Getaway

Halfway through July I decided I needed to runaway take a few days away, you know before summer ended. I knew who also deserved a break, my friend Michelle, super mom of 3 kiddos. She agreed and that’s when we planned on Palm Springs. We had just been there with the men, we knew where we could stay but we weren’t sure if 107 degree weather was what we wanted. After a few weeks of hemming and hawing we decided that PS would be our best option.

We met at the Hyatt downtown Friday afternoon, quickly caught up then headed out for dinner.  We hopped around to a few different places enjoying small bites at each.  We were dining on the patio at one of the spots and the misters were on keeping patrons cool, or should I say wet is a better word?


I told her it looked like she backed her ass up into a fountain. We slyly made our way bathroom to “air dry” her lady lumps.


That didn’t work so well. Maybe the hairdryer would be a better choice? (Please excuse the toilet shot)


Problem solved. We then hit a modern bistro called Lulu’s. They had happy hour all night  in the bar area. Good food, good drinks, good prices.


We ended the night watching people make fools of themselves singing Karaoke, pure enjoyment.

The next morning we went and saved a couple spots at the pool before eating  drinking breakfast. Pinnochio’s has good food, bad coffee and cheap bottomless mimosas.



We found ourselves tasting olive oils and vinegars soon after at Olive A’Sudden.

IMG_20130727_135521 IMG_20130727_135510

We sat in the room chatting until finally dragging ourselves out into the heat. We spent the evening in the pool until the sun went down and we decided it was probably a good time  to get dinner. We met a nice San Diegan couple at the pool and they joined us for a just OK Thai dinner.


We decided to dance the night away at a popular gay dance club, it was the perfect ending to a much needed girls getaway.

Shane took Kaili to SeaWorld that Friday and wore her out.

Happy K…


Not so happy K…


They had a great weekend and apparently she was a perfect angel for him. (mmmhmm) He even did her hair, I was impressed.


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