Cooking with Kids {Basic Pizza Dough}

I love cooking with kids, my mom cooked with me, I cooked in my classroom and my two girls have been in the kitchen with me from early on. Now I am not going to say it’s easy, cooking with children. What’s easy is taking a picture of your child cracking an egg and then once the picture is taken it’s like “okay, you’re getting it all over, get out!” Am I right? The key is to go in knowing it is going to be messy and if you have multiple kiddos then there is always going to be a fight. BUT, it’s good for them, good for their brain and if you have your wine glass full, a little easier on you!

Kaili picked a pizza dough recipe out of her cookbook and read me the ingredients.



1 cup water

1 package yeast

2 tbs olive oil plus 1 more for the bowl

2 tbs sugar

3 cups flour

1 tsp salt

Combine sugar, water and yeast in a measuring cup or small bowl.

Combine flour and salt in a large bowl and make a well in the center.

Pour yeast mixture and oil in well and stir into dry ingredients until you have a soft dough.

If dough is too sticky, add a bit more flour.

Knead until smooth on a lightly floured surface.

Place in an oiled bowl, cover with a towel and let rise until doubled.


How simple is that? Now the hardest part is a toss up between the clean up or the refereeing.—> Take a big sip of wine!

Once I put the dough on a hot baking sheet, they slathered on store bought pizza sauce {it was a weeknight meal y’all} and cheese. Anything else in their mind is “gross”. Side eye.

IMG_3354 2

And voila! A cheese pizza that they both ate and didn’t kill each other over!



“Frozen” Play-Dough

Play dough is one of those things that parents spend money on when in reality it’s super simple to make, and chances are, all of the ingredients are in your pantry.

I thought making some blue glittery play-dough for Kaili’s party gift bags would be a fun idea.

DIY "Frozen" playdough
“Frozen” play-dough

So easy.


2 cups AP flour

2 cups water

3/4 cup table salt

1 Tbs oil

1 tsp. cream of tarter

food coloring


* Add food coloring to the water to start so the color blends evenly.

Combine water, flour, salt, oil, cream of tartar and glitter in a large saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly.

*This is where you can add more food color or glitter if it needs it.

Continue stirring over heat until a dough ball forms. When it’s at your desired consistency, turn onto wax paper of foil.

Let cool and store in air tight container.


A Week In Photos

Kaili had school pictures last week. She went representing the Super Bowl champs.


I made these honey bananas and they are ridiculous. I had to make them again the next day and the next.


Kaili spent some time working on Valentines day crafts.


I also got around to pulling out some heart color matching I had made years ago.


I took Kaili down to Mission Beach since it was supposed to be “beach” weather.


But in a matter of minutes the fog rolled in and it was freezing. Might has well have been in Sochi.


Kaili wanted to wear her cupcake dress to school. She was given this as a gift for her 1st birthday, fits her just fine….sigh.


I made fish tacos for the very first time. Hello culinary bucket list. They were delicious and I can’t believe I have waited so long. Recipe to come.


Good Morning.


Go Away Mommy

“Go away mommy!” Kaili says that quite often these days and now I am giving the girl what she wants, I’m outta here.

We rented a house in Arizona through VRBO for a week getaway. The guys will be going to the Hawk vs. Cardinal game on Thursday and I will be lounging in the pool with a glass of wine. A little mind cleanse before my FET.

Shane and Wags left a few days ago for Seattle where they played downtown, went to the Seahawk game and ate amazing looking food, I have to say I was a tad jealous, oh who am I kidding, really jealous!

Albacore Tartare
Albacore Tartare
Candied Bacon
Candied Bacon
Burger at 8 oz. Burger Bar
Burger at 8 oz. Burger Bar

Meanwhile, I was introducing a few new tray tasks to Kaili.

Acorn tray tasking
Acorn tray tasking



Water transfer with medicine dropper
Water transfer with medicine dropper

Kaili and I picked up Grandpa G from the airport Saturday afternoon, he is my wing man for the drive to Arizona. Before we left he wanted to represent the Walla Walla  #12 at the Hawk game, so we made him this.

Wave it proud G!


I am more hesitant about leaving Kaili this time  around than ever before. Maybe it’s because she is more aware, always clinging to me, or constantly asking “where mommy go?” Whatever the reason, it sucks. But, I need some time away so I have been preparing her for my absence. I made her this, aren’t I clever? In my defense I did most of this upside down. Nt like I was standing on my head but…well you get what I’m saying, I hope.


I will share pics of our Arizona rental once we arrive. Unless it’s a shithole then I won’t show you anything but I will tell you how fabulous it is.

{Preschool} Letter C and Circle Activities

For my last week of September we worked on the letter C, I threw in the circle since… well it starts with C.

If you really start thinking about all the things that start with the letter C it will blow your mind, so I advise against it.  Here are some tray, table and art activities for your preschooler.

A tray full of C goodies to look at and manipulate.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom magnet activity. I cut out the tree and taped it onto a magnet board. After reading the book at circle, I invited the children to read the book themselves, putt the letters on the coconut tree as they followed along in the book.

IMG_20130925_094158 IMG_20130925_094321

Carrot tray tasking . Show the children how to use the tongs to transfer the carrots into the dirt. Left to right motion.


Circle collage on a circle

IMG_20130927_095240 IMG_20130927_095351

Circle Printing– Provide different circles for the children to print with. I really wish I had incorporated a few wine corks for this activity. Cork, circle, double C’s….damn it! I’ll have to do it with Kaili.



Foam Dough

What do you get when you mix equal parts cornstarch and shaving cream? We shall call it super messy but fun Foam Dough. I saw this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try. I mean it can’t get much easier then mixing two ingredients together…right?

Well what the pin did not tell me was that it takes a lot of mixing until you reach the desired texture. I was elbows deep in the stuff and my classroom looked like…well a classroom but the sh*t was everywhere. So after all the kids took turns “mixing” it, it started to become firmer, less gooey and crumbly and I could see the light.

I added a little liquid water color




Before I left for the day I bagged the stuff up, I am curious to see how it keeps. I have this feeling it will be rock hard tomorrow but who knows?

I would definitely make this again BUT I would either A. put all the ingredients in a sensory table outside and let the kids do their own thing with it.  Or B. pre make it in a big bowl near a sink and then give the kids the dough to manipulate. I think A. is the better choice. Then you can add in plastic knives, or play dough scissors. ,measuring cups, spoons, ect.

Kaili and the Classroom {beach/ocean theme}

Aren’t my blog titles catchy?

So this happened….Preschool initiation some would call it.


The bite didn’t break the skin but it came close. They told me she didn’t even cry. Funny because this is what I get when I don’t give her a cookie at 4:00 p.m.

Meanwhile in my classroom….last weeks theme was beach/ocean. After reading Rainbow Fish and Swimmy I put out paint for the kids to paint pre-cut fish.


They made an Octopus craft with cheerios. There wasn’t much crafting going on but they enjoyed glueing one cheerio and then eating one cheerio, so on and so forth.    ( <–did you catch that?  Pun intended. )


You can make Sea turtles with paper bowls or paper plates cut in half.


I took the fishing poles out of the magnetic fishing set , I wrote the letters of the alphabet on index cards and then taped paper clips to the back. After scattering them on the floor I directed the kids to “fish” for a letter. Fishing for the alphabet.


Using the same fishing poles, we tied on a paint brush and had them use motor skills to dip the paint brush into the paint and then paint their whales. Fishing pole painting.


Sea salt painting was my favorite. The way these dried left a salty ocean effect, the kids got into it.


Flip flop art. I traced a kiddos shoes and then let them water paint and decorate the sandal part however they chose.


This is my last month working, unless….well unless they just can’t live without me. We’ll see.

A Glimpse of the Classroom

We have been busy and looking at my calendar I noticed we only have one weekend that doesn’t have anything scheduled through the first half of September. Now all of the sudden it’s August and I should be writing up the school newsletter and getting next months curriculum done but I have been bad about getting blog posts up so that will have to wait.

The last week at school we talked about light and colors. The kids became scientists as they discovered how light travels, they created colorful kaleidoscopes and mixed colors in different ways, the results were surprising and they seemed to have a blast.

I filled 3 empty jars with water and added liquid water colors, red, blue and yellow. They took the lead using a medicine dropper to mix     different colors in an empty ice tray. They did this activity for 3 straight days, patiently taking turns.


 Painting with 2 of the primary colors each day resulted in color changing fun.


Torn paper rainbow collage. I brought this activity out each day until it was finished. They worked hard.



Kaili enjoys herself at school. She loves her little friend Kaedyn, a girlfriend of mine and fellow teachers daughter.


IMG_20130719_085412 IMG_20130725_084511

Next weeks curriculum is Beach and Ocean, stay tuned for some fun ideas!

Beach Feet
Beach Feet

I just got back from a girls weekend away and I will tell you all about it!

Painting With Pom Poms

Painting with craft pom poms is a lot like painting with cotton balls but the poms hold up a lot better in paint. If you use a clothespin you save little fingers from getting drenched in paint. The choice to use them is yours, some kids like it getting messy, some moms don’t.

Pinch a pom pom with a clothespin..


I put out primary colors so we could talk about the colors in the rainbow, a lot easier then putting out 6 separate colors.

IMG_20130408_152800 IMG_20130408_152849

This was a fun activity to do. K got excited when the colors “changed” once I helped her mix them.


The pom poms leave a sponge paint look. I dig it!


Entertain Your Toddler

I have two activities that will help develop your child’s fine motor skills while entertaining them AKA keep them out of your hair.

Pipe Cleaners and the Colander

Grab a bag or five of pipe cleaners. {I found some Target in the $ bins} Then get out your trusty colander.

Show your kiddo how to put the pipe cleaners into the colander holes.

promotes- fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. You can also sort the pipe cleaners into color groups and have your child put all the blue ones in. This will promote color recognition and following directions.

IMG_20130127_103105 IMG_20130127_103012

Pop Poms and the Container

While you are out getting pipe cleaners also grab a bag or five of pom pons {not the rah rah kind, the craft kind}

Save one of your empty food containers {ie. sour cream or cottage cheese} and once it’s clean cut a few holes in the lid, this is easily done with scissors.


Show your child how to put the pom poms through the holes. You can sort by color or count them as you go.

promotes- fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, listening and following directions, counting recognition and color recognition


This should give you a free few minutes so spend them wisely. Once they grow tired of the activities put them away and re-introduce in a few days.