Entertain Your Toddler

I have two activities that will help develop your child’s fine motor skills while entertaining them AKA keep them out of your hair.

Pipe Cleaners and the Colander

Grab a bag or five of pipe cleaners. {I found some Target in the $ bins} Then get out your trusty colander.

Show your kiddo how to put the pipe cleaners into the colander holes.

promotes- fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. You can also sort the pipe cleaners into color groups and have your child put all the blue ones in. This will promote color recognition and following directions.

IMG_20130127_103105 IMG_20130127_103012

Pop Poms and the Container

While you are out getting pipe cleaners also grab a bag or five of pom pons {not the rah rah kind, the craft kind}

Save one of your empty food containers {ie. sour cream or cottage cheese} and once it’s clean cut a few holes in the lid, this is easily done with scissors.


Show your child how to put the pom poms through the holes. You can sort by color or count them as you go.

promotes- fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, listening and following directions, counting recognition and color recognition


This should give you a free few minutes so spend them wisely. Once they grow tired of the activities put them away and re-introduce in a few days.

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