21 Months

21 months in a box
21 months in a box

K turns 21 months old today, do you know what that means?  I don’t either but I thought I would ask. Last night I gave some milk to the cat and told Kaili to just watch and not to touch. A few seconds later I hear a clink and I ask her if she spilled the milk. Her little feet pitter pattered to me, I asked again. “Kaili did you spill the milk?” She nods her head and says “yes” and then runs back to the cat. So innocent and so darn cute.

She loves berries, raisins, beans, macaroni and cheese, masala veggie patties and ketchup she will eat that stuff with her fingers if she has to. She still isn’t a huge eater so I’ve started giving her smoothies to get more nutrition into her.

Lately she enjoys watching Franklin more than Barney and has just recently found it amusing to take all her clothes and diaper off. Not so funny when I find her naked in her crib with pee everywhere, just pee luckily. I read a little on what to do about this and found a couple good ideas. One is to put a onesie on under her clothes and the other is to duct tape her diaper on. I will start with the onesie first.

We have introduced the potty but she isn’t ready yet, despite the nakedness.

all wrapped up in mommy
all wrapped up in mommy

She is in a speech class now and it’s once a week at Rady’s Childrens Hospital. The teacher is speech pathologist and at the end of the class {6 weeks} we will be told what our next step will be. It’s an hour long deal, the kiddos start at circle time, sing songs and read stories and then they play at the table with a manipulative toy or a creative activity. After clean up, they all sit at the table for snack time, it’s cute to watch. Throughout the class language is prominent, we ask the children a lot of questions and repeat certain words over and over along with using sign language.

snack time
snack time

Kaili has quickly picked up some words in sign language which has been a big help. I should have taught her a long time ago, oh well watcha gonna do? Since  Kaili is getting the signing so well, her teacher told me we should start working on signing two words together i.e.. “more water?” Or “help please!” I guess this means I should start learning it myself.

One thought on “21 Months

  1. I love the sign language idea! and…I can’t believe how much her face has changed in just 2 weeks! You can tell she is getting bigger!!

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