Go Away Mommy

“Go away mommy!” Kaili says that quite often these days and now I am giving the girl what she wants, I’m outta here.

We rented a house in Arizona through VRBO for a week getaway. The guys will be going to the Hawk vs. Cardinal game on Thursday and I will be lounging in the pool with a glass of wine. A little mind cleanse before my FET.

Shane and Wags left a few days ago for Seattle where they played downtown, went to the Seahawk game and ate amazing looking food, I have to say I was a tad jealous, oh who am I kidding, really jealous!

Albacore Tartare
Albacore Tartare
Candied Bacon
Candied Bacon
Burger at 8 oz. Burger Bar
Burger at 8 oz. Burger Bar

Meanwhile, I was introducing a few new tray tasks to Kaili.

Acorn tray tasking
Acorn tray tasking



Water transfer with medicine dropper
Water transfer with medicine dropper

Kaili and I picked up Grandpa G from the airport Saturday afternoon, he is my wing man for the drive to Arizona. Before we left he wanted to represent the Walla Walla  #12 at the Hawk game, so we made him this.

Wave it proud G!


I am more hesitant about leaving Kaili this time  around than ever before. Maybe it’s because she is more aware, always clinging to me, or constantly asking “where mommy go?” Whatever the reason, it sucks. But, I need some time away so I have been preparing her for my absence. I made her this, aren’t I clever? In my defense I did most of this upside down. Nt like I was standing on my head but…well you get what I’m saying, I hope.


I will share pics of our Arizona rental once we arrive. Unless it’s a shithole then I won’t show you anything but I will tell you how fabulous it is.

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