Giddy Up

Last weekend Shane, Wags and I hit the races in Del Mar.  As usual we had a blast and lost money. We placed bets on Big Wags to win the second race.


We lost that bet. But before we left I wanted to put some money on a beauty named I Know You Know, not a favorite to win but not exactly a long shot either.


Good thing I did because I won back the money I had spent throughout the day…I call that a win!


Did I tell you that I pulled Kaili out of speech? Not for forever but at least for a few months. Her language is coming along nicely and the whole process of getting her to the hospital, parking and all that nonsense turned into a 2 hour ordeal for a 20 minute session. She is getting more out of being in school then in a room with a speech instructor. So we will check back in a few months to see how she is progressing.

Instead of speech I took Kaili to Balboa Park to check out the Fleet Science center. They have resident free Tuesdays the first Tuesday of each month and they have an age-appropriate room for kids 5 and under. Holy hell, the place was a mad house, pretty sure all of San Diego was there. But she didn’t seem to mind and had as much fun as she could with other kids grabbing toys out of her hands and pushing her little body out of their way. Brats, their parents weren’t any better.  This reminded me that I will never take Kaili to Chuckee Cheese’s…on purpose.

IMG_20130806_142038 IMG_20130806_142436 IMG_20130806_144417 IMG_20130806_145138

After we finally made our way out of the sardine packed building we stopped for a snack on the grass.


It was a nice relaxing 4 minutes until she was ready to go again.

I have been teaching Kaili how to help me out in the kitchen. She’s not soux chef material quite yet but soon enough people….soon enough.



One thought on “Giddy Up

  1. Sure looks like she really loves helping in the kitchen! The short snack break in the grass looks NICE too!
    Good call on taking her out of speech for a bit – I think you are totally right, she will get so much more out of school! 🙂

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