K’s First Haircut

I wish I had some dramatic story to tell you, something about the way she flipped out on the the hair stylist and kicked and screamed through the entire thing. Ha ha, no I don’t, but that is the way I saw this going  in my head, which is why I kept putting it off, but she proved me wrong.

To make it a special occasion I got her a milkshake before we hit the hair place. I thought that she would be so entranced in the deliciousness that she wouldn’t mind sitting still for a few minutes. But she didn’t even want the shake until we were in the car on the way home.

What can I say? She did great and had the entire salon gushing over her. Proud to be her mommy.





Once we were home she wanted her “nails done”, so we sat in the sun and painted them a sunshiney shade.


One thought on “K’s First Haircut

  1. And so mommy daughter pamper sessions begin 😉 Love this! I can not believe how grown up she looks..What a cute idea for the certificate..good thing to put in her book of firsts, eh? 😉

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