July 26th

I had a long and thorough Dr. appointment Friday. 10 weeks, baby looks good, heartbeat is strong, morning sickness has gotten worse and spotting has stopped…for now.

My Dr. wasn’t too concerned with the bleed, she told me to keep doing what I have been doing and she thinks it will heal itself as the baby grows. She was more concerned with going over all my genetic testing options. Being over 35 and high risk I am now given an option for a safe, non invasive blood test that tests for certain chromosome conditions. I am leaning towards doing this if our insurance covers it, this test can be done after 10 weeks. I think I will still opt for an amnio for my own piece of mind but that doesn’t happen until the second trimester.

She gave me a prescription for the nausea that is kicking my butt. I am still waiting for it to be filled but I sure hope it helps because I have felt so bad. The nausea starts around 11:00 am and lasts until 5:00 pm. and I feel better after eating dinner. I have been staying up a lot later these past few days because that is the time I feel the best and I am addicted to The Walking Dead. We have been watching 4 episodes a night, it’s so good.

My due date is July 26th as long as Pre-E doesn’t screw with me this time. Once I get ahold of my insurance company which I have been on hold with for almost 2 hours with I will make an appointment to have my routine blood panel test taken. They are going to start monitoring the Pre-E early on this pregnancy. Let’s hope the next few months are a breeze.


2 thoughts on “July 26th

  1. I did the non evasive blood test you are talking about and then that combined with my 12 week scan I’m not going to do Amino this time. I was really happy with what could be seen and the results. It’s great your insurance covers it. My results came back really quickly and I am in Australia and they had to be set to the States. Good Luck. They can test at 10 weeks 🙂

  2.     Glad to hear about your progress.   Know it isn’t easy but worth it.   I’m proud of you and see you are doing the very best you can.   Keep a smile on your face—ha!   (easy for me to say!)     Love, Auntie Carolyn

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