14 Week Bumpdate

I had my monthly Dr. appointment this week which was so reassuring. Being able to jump around…aka workout this pregnancy, I was a little nervous about the baby. I know, I know it’s totally fine, but I didn’t get to do any of this moving around business last time so it’s all new to me. My appointment was with Dr. French, the doc who delivered Kaili. We spent some time chit chatting, she sent a referral to the specialist I saw last pregnancy and we did the ultrasound. Baby was super active and looked just fine.

I am thrilled I was able to cancel my appointments with the other specialist group.  We were not happy with there services which made me nervous about going to them for an amnio. Now I have my second trimester ultrasound and amnio scheduled with the Dr. I wanted all along. Relief.

Sleep hasn’t gotten much better and the morning sickness is about the sameome days are great and others are not. Cravings are less prominent although I am making soft pretzels Sunday and I salivate at the thought of them…oh and some good bread and brie may have to happen.

Since another girl is on the way I feel like I don’t have too much to do this time. I am keeping the bedroom paint color the same, Kaili’s furniture will be moved into the new room and I have tons of baby clothes, I just have to go through them all. I have a nursery theme picked out and we are pretty sure of the name. It’s a lot more relaxing this time around, at least in the decorating department.

Now all there is to think about is the big game Sunday. Go Hawks.

One thought on “14 Week Bumpdate

  1. So glad you are doing well. I’m excited you are having another little girl. They will grow up together and be lifelong friends (after the squabbles!)

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