27 Week Bumpdate

I am counting 27 weeks as the beginning of my third trimester since I doubt my pregnancy will go past 39 weeks…so there!

I had my ultrasound to check on the previa and my stupid placenta hasn’t moved. So I carry on as is until my next Dr. appointment until I am told what happens next. Does this change the c-section date? Will I have another ultrasound? I guess we will find out in a couple weeks.

Baby A looks good. She is head down and weighing about 2 lbs. 2 0z.

photo 1 photo

Other than the allergies that are kicking my ass I am feeling pretty good. My back starts to hurt after being on my feet awhile  but gets better with rest.

Kaili had her first experience at Party City and I think she enjoyed herself.

photo 2

When I turned my back for even a second, she had tossed every item that she could reach into the cart. I might need to take up stripping to afford her shopping habits. Going to have to find a club where  all the clientele have c-section scar fetishes.

I dug up this old picture of me and thought a side by side comparison would be fun. Here is me and Kaili at 3 years old.

photo 3




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