Home Sweet…

I was sent home from the hospital and now it’s a day by day, let’s see what happens situation. “Let’s have you get some time at home, in your own bed in case you have to come back, we are just buying time.” was how the Dr. put it. .

The contractions have subsided for the most part, for now. I continue on the meds and I am on bed rest with bathroom privileges. I’m trying to keep it together but going through this all over again is crappy and SO much harder with a 3 year old.

Heres to hoping my body can hold out until 36 weeks. If the contractions come back then I go back to the hospital. They will try to get them to stop but I am not sure how much effort will be put into it and if they don’t stop then we will go ahead and have a baby.

Now I get to sit and watch Shane get the baby stuff together, the carseat installed, cook, do the laundry and take care of the kid. Most of you might think, “how nice.” But it’s really not. Having to sit and feel useless is depressing, lonely and the time moves oh.so.slowly. But having a husband who is handling it all so well makes it easier and takes some stress away.

So now what? Besides watch soccer, which has been a lifesaver, and entertain a kid on the couch, anyone have ideas to pass the time?





And Then…

When I got to Triage I explained to the front desk while I was there. They gave me a fashionable bracelet and told me to wait for someone to bring me back to a bed.


The dreadful Triage. The nurse led me back to the bathroom to get a urine specimen and then took me to a room. Can I just say that I will never forget the smell of the soap at that hospital. All the hand washing you do before entering the NICU, the smell is haunting.

After explaining to the nurse what was going on and answering some questions I was strapped to a baby heart rate monitor and a contraction monitor and then she left. I was all alone starting at a curtain and listening to the screams and F bombs flying from the lady in labor next to me. Get me out of here.

The contractions were mild at first but then after an hour they started to become kind of painful. She came back and said that the on call Dr. wanted to give me a dose of contraction meds while I waited for my FFN test results.

As the hours passed and my phone battery started to die I started to stress out a little. I was so unprepared for this visit. I told myself that if and when I needed to go to Triage I would have a bag packed. Phone charger, slippers, a snack…you catch my drift. All I wanted was for the nurse to come back and tell me the test results were negative and that I could go home.

When she came back in she told me that the Dr. wanted to give me a steroid shot to help mature the babies lungs…just in case. And since the contractions were still coming they were giving me an RX for more contraction meds. This is the same exact scenario I went through with K bear, exact. But the good news was my FFN test results were negative, so even though I was contracting they were onfident that I wasn’t going to be having a baby in the next two weeks.

5 hours later I was discharged and told to come back if the contractions keep up or get more painful. I was SO thankful to be going home intstead of into hospital room. I got home just in time to hug and kiss my baby and read her some bedtime stories.

The night was rough, I was really uncomfortable feeling like a I had one long contraction all night, I slept only a wink. Luckily I started to feel them go away with each hour that passed. With a plus there seems to always be a negative, the sides effects of the meds started to bother me and I wasn’t feeling so good.  I had to go back to Triage in the evening for another dose of steroids and another hour on the monitors. The contraction medicine they gave me is working, I only had one in an hour but it is lowering my blood pressure. It didn’t jive well with me when I was pregnant with Kaili either. But the doc said it’s much  more important that I stop contracting so I am to continue on these meds. It will be a day at a time type of situation carefully watching to make sure my blood pressure doesn’t get too low.

Today is 30 weeks, only 7 weeks until baby day.



29 Week Bumpdate

For some reason I thought with getting pregnant in November I would only have to endure a month of summer weather. This past week it has been in the high 90’s even reaching the triple digits. We also have a ridiculous amount of fires burning through San Diego, according to the San Diego fire chief, “mother nature is pissed off.”

Today the heat really got to me and I felt like I had taken a sleeping pill, just drag me along because I can’t move.

29 weeks. I am having a LOT of braxton hicks  (BH) contractions. Pretty much every time I get up, bend over or do some walking I get them. They do go away when I sit down, that is all that matters for now. This was the exact same day I started getting consistent BH with Kaili and ended up at the hospital. I am optimistic that this pregnancy, I will forgo that part.

Kaili has become quite emotional the past few days. I’m not sure if it’s the changes happening in and around our lives or if it’s an age thing…probably both.  When she’s emotional, I’m emotional and lord knows I don’t need to be any more emotional.

Looking forward to staying on my feet the last bit of this pregnancy, bring on 30 weeks.



27 Week Bumpdate

I am counting 27 weeks as the beginning of my third trimester since I doubt my pregnancy will go past 39 weeks…so there!

I had my ultrasound to check on the previa and my stupid placenta hasn’t moved. So I carry on as is until my next Dr. appointment until I am told what happens next. Does this change the c-section date? Will I have another ultrasound? I guess we will find out in a couple weeks.

Baby A looks good. She is head down and weighing about 2 lbs. 2 0z.

photo 1 photo

Other than the allergies that are kicking my ass I am feeling pretty good. My back starts to hurt after being on my feet awhile  but gets better with rest.

Kaili had her first experience at Party City and I think she enjoyed herself.

photo 2

When I turned my back for even a second, she had tossed every item that she could reach into the cart. I might need to take up stripping to afford her shopping habits. Going to have to find a club where  all the clientele have c-section scar fetishes.

I dug up this old picture of me and thought a side by side comparison would be fun. Here is me and Kaili at 3 years old.

photo 3




24 Week Bumpdate

So this has been floating around Facebook.



Funny right? I thought so, then after a few minutes I wanted to comment on the picture and ask them if they wanted to give us some money for all our “catching” doctor visits.

I didn’t, just so you know. I am well aware that the general population has limited interest in my reproductive history. But what can I say, I lost my gynecological shame years ago. Infertilty can turn a woman brazen, hell I will pretty much open my legs for anyone in a white coat.

What the hell did she just say?

I thought about posting this.


I didn’t, just so you know.

24 weeks pregnant = 6 months right? I am pretty sure but I’ve never been good at math. For the most part I am feeling pretty good. I have been getting some more contractions and some side and back pain when I am on my feet for awhile. . But it goes away when I put my feet up so that’s good. I am finding it harder to keep my balance while working out but I haven’t fallen over in front of anyone yet.Other than that not much has changed.

I am eager for my next ultrasound to check on the previa, if the Dr. could lift my pelvic rest restrictions, that would be great. Also if they could confirm that these contractions aren’t doing any harm that would help ease my mind.

Only a kajillion days to go.








I have been day dreaming  about this little one inside me, who will she look like, what color eyes will she have? From what I have read she is basically Kaili’s “twin” or in other words, a genetically unique sibling conceived on the same day but born years later. Since they are from the same batch of embryos and the same treatment cycle, how similar will they be? Will they have a special bond, same personalities or is that all hogwash? It’s all a little surreal and surely fascinating scientific stuff.

{Here is a nice article about another couples story “Twins” born 5 years apart”.}

The many faces of Kaili





16 Week Bumpdate

The baby is supposedly the size of an avocado.

mmm guacamole  

Some women can feel movements by now but me, not so much.

I had my second tri ultrasound and amnio Wednesday. I have to say I am SO GLAD I went back to the Perinatologist I saw with Kaili, so glad. The ultrasound went well. Baby looked good, measuring a week ahead. Unlike Kaili at 16 weeks, she didn’t want to pose for the camera.

I don’t have velementous cord insertion this time around but I do have placenta previa. The Dr. told me sometimes it resolves itself, sometimes it doesn’t and different doctors recommend different restrictions. She said my OB would fill me in next week at my appointment. From what I read, previa tends to pose more of a problem after 20 weeks. In the words of Shane Snyder “it’s always something.”

The amnio wasn’t as bad as I remember it. It did hurt and it seemed to last longer than last time but once again I am really glad I went through with it. I followed it up with 24 hours of bed rest and am feeling just fine. We should get the results in 10 days.

Today I am 17 weeks and ready for this baby to make herself known. I turn another year older this weekend and am going to treat myself to a birthday cake, a mani pedi, a date night and a hot bubble bath.

Say What?

Should I start with the good or not so good? Ok the good. How bout them Seahawks? They did a little bit of murdering Sunday and it was a thrill to watch. Our house was booming.

photo 5

I made too much food but it was all delicious. Soft pretzels with cheese sauce…drool, buffalo chicken potato skins, baked jalapeño poppers and Carne asada. To say we ate well was an understatement. We drank [and by we I mean them] delicious wine from Walla Walla, a few from California and a couple from Australia.

Skinny Baked Jalapeño Poppers

*Picture is before they were baked, my bad
photo 1

Closet Cooking:Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins

photo 4

Yammie’s Noshery Copycat Pretzel Recipe

photo 1

photo 2

Drew Bledsoe’s Doubleback Winery

photo 2
2009 Syrah

Saturday I spent the day in the OC with family. After getting home and putting K to bed I noticed I was having what felt like contractions. Contractions? At 14 weeks? I know right?  I had some anxiety so I thought that might have been the cause. They went away a few hours later. I felt fine the next day until later in the afternoon, then they started up again. They lasted longer this time and the longer I had them the more uncomfortable I was feeling. I researched everything I could, which isn’t much because it seems pretty rare. They finally went away and I was able to fall asleep. I called the Doc as soon as I woke up and I anxiously waited a phone call back. When the nurse called she told me that due to my history I need to head to Triage if they came back. It’s probably nothing serious but it could be “super early pre-term labor”. Ahem, excuse me? No way man.

Monday evening came and I started feeling them again but they weren’t too bad so I told myself I was fine. I took it easy, took a bath and fought every reason to go to the hospital. The contractions were not very strong but I started  to feel uncomfortable. Since it is so early on in the pregnancy it’s hard to tell what is what anymore. I have some minor cramping and a dull backache as I write this. I am really hoping this is gone by morning, I’m sure it will be, but if it’s not I will head over to Triage to see what the hell is going on.

It’s A….

“Now I want y’all to repeat after me, penis, penis, penis, vagina, vagina, vagina!” Name that movie!

I got the results back from the Harmony test I took. The results were good. The risk for Downs and Trisomy were really low, less than 1 in 10,000.  The results were so good I got them twice, once from my Dr. and once my the genetic counselor.

Then I was asked if I wanted to know the sex. Duh

Here was Kaili’s reaction when I told her what we were having.

photo 1

She was the first person I told while I impatiently waited 30 minutes for Shane to message me back. Longest half hour evah!

I am anxious for my Dr. appointment today. Now that we know what we are having and that things are seemingly on the right path I find new things to worry about. Looking forward to hearing the heartbeat and having a little reassurance things are still going strong. Do all expecting mothers feel like this or just the ones that struggle to get pregnant?

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you what we are having huh? It’s a girl. This gal is getting a little sister.

photo 2

The New Year

2013 has come and gone, just like my youth. I fell asleep on the couch before 9:00 pm on New Years eve. What can I say, growing a human being is exhausting. I woke up feeling awful, nauseous, headache…basically a hangover without the fun. I felt like crud the entire day. Happy new year.

Luckily with Shane’s help we were able to get a meal in the crockpot. We tried Jimmy Fallon’s Crock-Pot Chili and I’d say we all gave it 2 thumbs up. I think it’s safe to use the entire habanero chili but I kept to the recipe for K’s sake. Slowly she will be able to tolerate the spicy like her mom and dad.

Chili + cornbread for the kid
Chili + cornbread for the kid

It’s hard to get excited for the new year, it’s basically an extension of 2013. If this subchorionic bleed continues to be a problem then I don’t have much to look forward to other than watching life go by from my couch. If this pregnancy mimics my last one then I can’t really plan on doing much at all. I know save the sob story until we know the facts. It’s just hard to get excited about much, I am envious of all those pregnant ladies out there doing stuff. No resolution, no plans at all, bring it on 2014.