Home Sweet…

I was sent home from the hospital and now it’s a day by day, let’s see what happens situation. “Let’s have you get some time at home, in your own bed in case you have to come back, we are just buying time.” was how the Dr. put it. .

The contractions have subsided for the most part, for now. I continue on the meds and I am on bed rest with bathroom privileges. I’m trying to keep it together but going through this all over again is crappy and SO much harder with a 3 year old.

Heres to hoping my body can hold out until 36 weeks. If the contractions come back then I go back to the hospital. They will try to get them to stop but I am not sure how much effort will be put into it and if they don’t stop then we will go ahead and have a baby.

Now I get to sit and watch Shane get the baby stuff together, the carseat installed, cook, do the laundry and take care of the kid. Most of you might think, “how nice.” But it’s really not. Having to sit and feel useless is depressing, lonely and the time moves oh.so.slowly. But having a husband who is handling it all so well makes it easier and takes some stress away.

So now what? Besides watch soccer, which has been a lifesaver, and entertain a kid on the couch, anyone have ideas to pass the time?





10 thoughts on “Home Sweet…

  1. Hi Kim and Snane, We are on Kauai with Lee, Mark, Bernadette amd Evan. and send you sprinkles of love, and good thoughts. Let
    Shane pamper you like no tomorrow.

  2. Put together a photo book on shutterfly? watch orange is the new black or another series on netflix? make Shane take Kaili to the library to bring home a huge stack of new books to read to her? crossword puzzles? Sudoku? Logic problems? Internet shopping?

  3. Thanks Kristin. The library books for K is a great idea! Soccer is on most of the day every day, so I am good there. Puzzles I was thinking I might try. Can’t get to deep into anything since Kaili doesn’t like entertain herself so she is constantly in my face.

  4. Ha, i was thinking I should start doing random blog posts on “One hour a day”. Taking pics of something each hour throughout the day. It would keep me busy but not sure how fun it would be to look at.
    Check on the sun and the book but I only have kidless time from 8-12:30 and soccer is on that entire time.
    Thanks for the suggestions. I really miss cooking and doing things for myself by myself. But only a few weeks left.

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