Sleepless and Can’t Think Of a Title

You know how you feel after a peaceful, long and uninterrupted nights sleep? Well that is NOT how I felt this morning!
My contractions weren’t obeying the meds yesterday, so the doc upped both the nifedipine and magnesium dosage. That did the trick and by midnight I was off the monitors and left alone for some sleep that never came. At 3 am I was put back on the monitors and given more meds and the gift I got was a screaming headache. This went on all night. I think I got about 3 hours of broken sleep.
Every hour that more magnesium pumped through my veins the worse I felt. It makes me feel like I have the flu with a horrible headache, dizziness and a lump in my throat threatening to deliver my latest meal all over the bed. I was also having a hard time reading, everything was blurry and At one point I watched the walls breathing. Timothy Leary called and wants his drugs back.

The nurses seemed concerned with the high dosage I was on and then when I stopped chatting and had an ice pack covering my eyes, they stopped the IV drip and called the doc to have the dose lowered. I swear, within minutes I felt better.
It was perfect timing too because soon Shane and Kaili came to visit. I also had a visit from the doc saying they will rid me of this horrid drug at 5:30. They will monitor me over night to see how I do. Hopefully I can leave soon.
Tonight’s FaceTime with Kaili left us both in tears and Shane told me she asked to go to bed so she could wake up and see me. Are you crying yet, cause I am.
Is it really too much to ask to have a normal pregnancy? My new nurse just asked if I was going to be here until delivery, since my uterine scar and the previa are such a danger…I said I hope not. I want to be home with my loves, even if it’s in bed for the next 4 weeks. But I also don’t want to be put in an emergency situation again. If I go home and start bleeding, that exactly what will happen. I hate this! I guess we will see what the next day has in store.

5 thoughts on “Sleepless and Can’t Think Of a Title

  1. Thinking of you. You are really doing it tough. Hang in there. Hope you get to go home soon and be with your family

  2. Dear Kim, I am so sorry you afre having such a time in the hospital. I know exactly how you feel staying there. Not the best place for sleeping, or to get all those meds. Hope you feel better soon. Better yet, that you were here in Kauai. It is beautiful here. Strange thing happened though. Mark was accused of kicking the special security door to the pool area and braking it. He DID NOT DO IT! We are so mad we may move to another hotel. A story to tell on our return. We send our love to you and best of luck, The Millers

  3. Oh my.. The update. The magnesium sounds terrible . What a predicament… Praying you can enjoy your last few weeks at home in your own bed. You are one strong woman- glad you have such a great support system (hubby & K) hugs

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