Would You Rather

Well, I made it 4 weeks longer this pregnancy. I was really hoping to skip the early hospital stay this time but alas here I am.
Last night I was getting contractions but this time they were coming while I was resting and they were 10 minutes apart. I hoped after a nights sleep they would go away and they did. By early afternoon they were back and coming consistently. The emotions hit me, maybe I knew what was going to happen if I went to triage but I hoped for the best.
When I got there things moved fast, I was strapped up to the monitors and talking to the nurse within minutes. The contractions were coming every 3 to 4 minutes and this is on the nifedipine. She called the doctor and the doctor said…” No more contractions while you’re in that bed!” Okay no he didn’t say that.

Dr. Saffer is the doc that is always on duty when I come in. Even when I was admitted with Kaili, it was him who tended to me. He probably thinks I’m stalking him. He sat down, told me what a predicament I am and then gave me 2 options. Would you rather, go upstairs now ( be admitted) and have an IV drip of magnesium to see if we can knock these out or take the chance of going home. Then he said that if I go home and things get worse, if contractions get stronger or i have any bleeding that I will be admitted and will stay until the delivery. Choosing option A was a no brainer, although I cried like a baby for a few minutes.

Hours later I find myself in a decent hospital room, IV in my left arm, blood pressure cuff on my right. 3 nurses took turns trying to get my IV in, they all failed. Did you know that some hospitals have an IV unit? They are masters of the IV and they go room to room sticking needles in people. Well I got close and personal with them today when the nurse called them to put my IV in. I was impressed, it as quick and painless. The nurses really should just let the IV unit do it the first time instead of poking the patients numerous times before giving up. I’m still fascinated with the whole IV unit thing, what a strange job, and if it’s their job why are nurses doing it at all? Anyways…..

I am on a drip of magnesium that should knock out these contractions within 24 hours. The first couple hours I could already tell a difference, they were shorter and less uncomfortable. But it didn’t last, they are back and I just knocked out 8 in 30 minutes. The nurse gave me a double dose of nifedipine and now we wait. I don’t feel so hot but not nearly as bad as I remember feeling when I went through this with K.
There is so much more going on, monitors, water intake and outtake if you catch my drift. Baby will be monitored every 6 hours which means at 1:00a.m. I will be woken up, if I’m asleep.


3 thoughts on “Would You Rather

  1. Dear Kim, I just thought you were going to make this pregnancy without any trouble. Lee and I are living in luxury in Honolulu right on Waikiki beach with a panoramic view. You weren’t supposed to have this hospital stay while we are here . Well, at least you are in good hands and I will try not to worry about you. We are flying to Kauai tomarrow and will meet Mark, Berndette, and Evan (7 yrs.) for another week.
    All this luxury is hard to take. We are spoiled forever.
    We are thinking of you and wish you all the best. Love, Aunt Carolyn and Lee

  2. Oh my goodness – just finally catching up on my reading and I see that you have been admitted- praying your contractions subside and that you are able to go home soon. So you experienced this with Kaili as well?

    Oh & yes – agree that IV units should do all the IV’s. period.

  3. Yep, had this exact situation with Kaili, although I was the on the mag for a longer time and I never had another contraction.
    But this time I am still having contractions on and off. It probably just a matter of time.

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