A Week in Photos

Someone has been working on their tracing.


This month was our dinner theme, cuisine Française.

photo 1photo 2

The kids are all growing up. Next month we will be adding 2 more munchkins to this group.

photo 3 20140607_203634

Despite the cards in her hands, she has become quite the Memory queen.

photo 5


Well played Dentist, well played.

photo 2

Finally 1 year later, she is able to reach the peddles.


Uncle Wags came home from a long run of tourneys and came bearing gifts.

photo 1 photo

There was also a USA soccer jacket thrown in for me. Tomorrow the World Cup starts, are you excited?

One thought on “A Week in Photos

  1. Her tracing is sooooo good! I love how she made faces out of the O’s too 😉
    I expect to read more about the dinner theme??

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