A Week in Photos

One of my New Years resolutions was to stop giving the big chain coffee retailers my business. Shop local, eat local, drink local. Eating and drinking isn’t hard, shopping is a tad more difficult. I do love coscto!
We sent to Kaili to school on a Friday giving me and Shane a chance to get coffee without the kid. When you give the gift of children, the next best gift is time away from children.



Some home improvements are in progress.



My Mother’s Day was nice and low key. We went to lunch at one of my favorite spots in La Jolla. I dined on ceviche and eyed all the martini’s coming out from the bar.



Dinner was from a bag.


Monday morning I had some time to myself and made an iced coffee for some outside reading.


My parents are getting a dog. They’ve been pet less for awhile now. We took Kaili to the animal shelter to meet the pup and make sure they liked each other. He is a sweet guy and they bring him home tomorrow.


Little California girl.


I thought this cartoon was spot on. I follow a lot of Paleo blogs and have made my share of recipes but lately i find myself getting irritated at them. You can’t call your Paleo dessert “easy cheesecake bars” when there isn’t any cheese in them. Pretty sure the cavemen weren’t whipping up soft and chewy double chocolate cookies or almond flour pancakes. Just sayin’…says the pregnant hormonal chick.


2 thoughts on “A Week in Photos

  1. Breakfast and coffee look amazing..who was the 3rd place set up for? 😉
    HOORAY and congrats to the parental units for adopting!! All of the pics look great! Living the life 🙂

  2. Fun seeing all the pictures and news. Great food,and cute bathing beauty.

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