Kaili Meets Averi

Yesterday morning Shane and I headed to the hospital early to feed Averi and hoping to take her home. Luckily Dr. Katherian was the on duty doctor and Averi was first on his to-do list. Within the hour we were driving away, this time she was in the back seat.
On the way to the hospital I couldn’t keep the tears away and I told Shane there was no way I could leave her there another night. I was thinking to myself how sad I felt and how I might need to talk to somebody because the sadness was deeper than what I felt with Kaili. But the euphoria I felt when driving home with Averi was amazing and every bit of sadness was gone. I laughed for the first time in days.

We were able to get somewhat settled before Kaili came home from school. As requested I filmed her walking in to meet her sister for the first time.     This will make you smile.



The biggest challenge I foresee having is trying to tend to baby while Kaili is all up in my business. But as far as day one went, I think it was perfect.


4 thoughts on “Kaili Meets Averi

  1. ahhhhh!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! 😉 She handled herself soooo well!! So glad you have your happiness back and all the dust is settling!!

  2. Dear Kim and Shane,   How wonderful!   Averi is home and Kaili gets to see her.   I loved Kaili’s reaction and I can tell all is well now.   I have followed your blogs and am happy all the worries are over.   Having two little girls is great and they will be friends forever  (with a few spats in between!)  I look forward to seeing you all some day.    Love, Aunt Carolyn

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