6 Week Ramble

It’s been 6 weeks and I am practically pain free so I think it’s time I start exercising again. I’m going to go ahead and start without the approval of my doc since I haven’t had my postpartum check-up yet. It should be okay…right?

In the 6 weeks, Averi has been on 3 different formulas. She has been uncomfortable, grunting and gassy. Just the other night we switched for a third time and so far it seems to be making all the difference. She is happier and sleeping longer stretches, can I get an AMEN.

Okay, so I am a little late on the one month photos….

photo 5 photo 2


My next door neighbor has been such a help the past few weeks. Almost every day she comes over and helps me by entertaining Kaili. It’s allows me just enough time to get dinner made or an errand ran without Kaili on my heels… every damn second. This kid says “mommy” roughly  570 times a day. 560 times she doesn’t actually have anything to tell me, she just want’s to drive me bat shit crazy. I have thought about inviting one of the Muslims in for a glass of wine just so she could bother them for a few minutes, allow me some time to make bottles. Wait, is alcohol allowed in the Muslim religion? Well if not, there are always the Lutherans that go door to door, we all know the Lutherans like their wine.

Every day Shane is gone at work,  I get a little more in tune with  being solo with two kids. I may clean most of the house with baby wipes and Kaili asks where we are going if I brush my hair, but they are both getting fed, I am getting a shower and we are all getting some sleep. If I can keep them both alive then I say “WINNING!”


One thought on “6 Week Ramble

  1. Oh, that sweet baby! Her tummy hurts! Glad you have found a better formula. I know how you feel with little piece and quiet to yourself. I remember those days myself, but in due time the two sisters will entertain each other and life will get better. That’s a cute baby you have!!

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