Shake Rattle and Roll

There are some things that I will never be…a pro-lifer, a racist, a lesbian or a vegetarian. Sometimes I worry that these gluten free-vegan kids are going to turn into rebellious teenage cannibals. Do you worry about that? I read a study that said 73% of children are getting caffeine in form of soda, what the hell? I have a hard time giving my kid chocolate milk, actually she has never had it. Our Pediatrician said he preferred chocolate milk over juice, maybe that is why the percentage is so high. What happened to regular milk and water? Also Gatorade isn’t for kids, just saying.

Kaili has been waking before the sun and it’s time to put a stop to it. The husband says I am inconsistent with her in the mornings while he is gone (which is true), while he is consistent with her while he is home. ( which is mostly true) However, he isn’t up with the baby during the night, so I call that a wash. I had to throw the next door neighbors dog under the bus as a consequence. Kaili LOVES our neighbor and the dog and she has recently become really good at helping make the dogs dinner..which can I just say eats better than the guests at an Embassy Suites. Kaili also likes to give the dog treats after he shakes, rattles and rolls for her. But now, unless she can stay in her room until a decent time which is indicated by her light up alarm clock, she can not feed the dog. Harsh, I know, but seriously you guys, 5:00 am is not a decent time to wake up.

Here are some cute pictures of Kaili, notice you can’t see her face.
photo 2

That is because this is what it looks like after waking up at 5:00 a.m. AKA dark outside.

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