Dinosaur Roar!

Last week I got to meet Jenny Mollen. “Who?” is what you are thinking…right? She is an actress, author and married to an “American Pie” actor. I have followed her on social media for awhile because she is hilarious and when her book came out I read it in 2 days. So when I saw that she was going to be in San Diego for a book signing I was eager to go. My girlfriend and I went down to meet her and listen to her chat about the book. I had never done anything like that before and although I didn’t need my iPad signed or even feel the need to have a picture with her, it was fun and i would do it again!

Averi is turning 3 months in a few days. It’s been a LONG 3 months. Her favorite thing to do is visit our newest winery.

Kaili is eagerly awaiting Halloween. She has been adamant that she wants to be a Dinosaur.

5 thoughts on “Dinosaur Roar!

  1. Averi is cute as ever. I hope she isn’t drinking wine out of her bottle! And Kaili will be a hit in her dinosaur costume. What does a dinosaur roar sound like???? I’m sure she would scare me!

  2. Haha, well I may have suggested her to be Elsa because she has the hair for it..lol terrible I know. But she stuck with her guns and i am glad she did šŸ™‚

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