A Hot Minute

Last we left off Gma was having another “episode” . She needed more help than we thought and is now living with assistance and everyone is hoping she gets back to her old self and is able to go back home soon.

Our last few days in WW were as exciting as you can imagine.. Our flight home was easy peasy. I lucked out on our first flight and was able to have a row to myself, makes a world of difference with a lap child.

Our good neighbors met us at the airport so we could load all of our luggage and cases of wine into their car since it wouldn’t all fit in ours. Once it was packed up they headed home and we hopped on the shuttle to find our car. When we got to the parking lot we were greeted with a dead battery. It was 9:30 at night, there was no one around to help and I had just packed Averi’s diaper bag in the other car. AwESomE. We called our neighbor to come back and give us a jump start, which luckily worked and we were finally  home by 10:30. It pays to live near the airport.

The girls were so good but it’s still such an exhausting process traveling with kids. SO MUCH STUFF and bottles and and and…..I couldn’t imagine doing that with a child who was a little shit or a baby who cries all the time.
Hoping our next trip is to somewhere warmer, like let’s say, Hawaii!

One thought on “A Hot Minute

  1. Glad you got home safely and the girls were so good. Yes, travelling with little ones is not easy—but you did it! Sorry about Grandma.

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