Out of Towner’s

We spent a couple of days with my parents in Laguna Niguel. The girls were happy to be in a new place, with new things to explore and get into. Kaili got some swimming lessons with grandpa, she didn’t complain about the pool water temperature so maybe it’s time to retry swim lessons.

first piano lesson
first piano lesson

In San Juan Capistrano there is a cute little petting zoo, with pony err horse rides, a little train and a playground. The girls enjoyed themselves, I however got spit on by an alpaca and smelled like regurgitated food and dirty animal the rest of the time.

FullSizeRender IMG_5952 FullSizeRender-2

They revamped a park near my parents house and turned it into a splash ground. Now that Aves is walking she got to participate. I was surprised by how long they both lasted being wet.


Averi is now my great little eater and Kaili, ugh, finding food she will eat is a struggle. How did I get such a picky eater? I mean the girl won’t eat mac n cheese or pizza,  those were my old standbys. She has been living off of steak, rice and berries this past week, yes that is a good meal but soon I am sure she won’t like any of those foods anymore.

Shoveling in Pad Thai
Shoveling in Pad Thai

After dinner we kicked the soccer ball around with the girls, one final chance to wear them out. They share a room when we stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s so we need them both good and tired.


We all enjoyed ourselves, next week is back to school.

One thought on “Out of Towner’s

  1. Sounds like a fun visit with grandparents. Nice picture of the girls with grandpa at the piano. Those girls are so adorable in cute outfits. Fun to dress girls!

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