When it Hurts!

Kaili does this thing, a few minutes after I put her to bed she  hollers for me. Something she knows not to do unless she is being kidnapped, okay that is harsh but something seriously has to be wrong. She knows this, but still does it. I know, she’s 4!  Anyway, she hollers and I come literally running so Averi doesn’t wake up. “Kaili, what’s wrong?” “I had a bad dream!” I then explain the situation and once she agrees that she wasn’t actually asleep, I slowly back out of the room praying to a God I don’t believe in that she falls asleep, pronto!

These daily occurrences and often nuisances to a mom who is solo half of the time are frustrating. But then something happens and you snap back into mama bear mode, where nothing matters but that child of yours.

Yesterday when I went to pick K up from school, the usually loud chatty classroom was empty, or so I thought. Kaili was sitting on her teachers lap with tears in her eyes and an ice pack on her hand. My mind instantly filled with dread, please don’t let anything be broken. “No, if it was that bad they would have called me!!” <—that all went through my head in 2 seconds.

Turns out she got her finger slammed in the bathroom door. She was being brave until she saw me, then it all let loose. Poor thing was in pain and there was nothing I can do, and that my friends, BLOWS!

You know how it goes because we have all had something slammed in the door, right? Throbbing and aching and it plain sucks. She laid on the couch with some ice for about an hour, I didn’t forget the Advil!


I asked her if she thought she could go swimming, she said ” yes, I just won’t use my finger!” And that is problem solving 101. She was up off the couch and back to her normal, overly curious self.


I took this picture about an hour or two after, it actually looks worse now. But she hasn’t complained about it! She is my fierce, strong and lively kid and I hope that never changes!

And I need a manicure!

2 thoughts on “When it Hurts!

  1. Oh, poor Kaili! I know how that hurts but isn’t it wonderful how they revive. Better days ahead!
    And Averi is a rascal with her calling out for you, but this shall pass too.

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