Kaili and the Classroom {beach/ocean theme}

Aren’t my blog titles catchy?

So this happened….Preschool initiation some would call it.


The bite didn’t break the skin but it came close. They told me she didn’t even cry. Funny because this is what I get when I don’t give her a cookie at 4:00 p.m.

Meanwhile in my classroom….last weeks theme was beach/ocean. After reading Rainbow Fish and Swimmy I put out paint for the kids to paint pre-cut fish.


They made an Octopus craft with cheerios. There wasn’t much crafting going on but they enjoyed glueing one cheerio and then eating one cheerio, so on and so forth.    ( <–did you catch that?  Pun intended. )


You can make Sea turtles with paper bowls or paper plates cut in half.


I took the fishing poles out of the magnetic fishing set , I wrote the letters of the alphabet on index cards and then taped paper clips to the back. After scattering them on the floor I directed the kids to “fish” for a letter. Fishing for the alphabet.


Using the same fishing poles, we tied on a paint brush and had them use motor skills to dip the paint brush into the paint and then paint their whales. Fishing pole painting.


Sea salt painting was my favorite. The way these dried left a salty ocean effect, the kids got into it.


Flip flop art. I traced a kiddos shoes and then let them water paint and decorate the sandal part however they chose.


This is my last month working, unless….well unless they just can’t live without me. We’ll see.

Can You Hear What I Hear?

Kaili is now 18 months and still has no real words, although she does pretty much say “yes” . Can she understand? Absolutely. She can follow 3 step instructions and shows empathy, a trait she obviously gets from me!

I told myself that I would look into First  5 San Diego  to get her a speech assessment if she wasn’t talking by 18 months. Well here we are. First 5 is a  program that helps children 0-5 years old in all areas, health, learning, family, for free. They have arranged for us to come in and have Kaili observed by a speech therapist next month. They also wanted  her to get her ears checked, so that is what we did yesterday. Shane and I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with her hearing but hey, it was free, why not double check. They also threw in a vision test for good measure.

The outcome? She passed both the hearing and vision tests as we expected. So, her lack of words has nothing to do with her hearing. I know it’s not a huge deal that she isn’t talking yet, and I know that some children start talking later on but you know, with her birth story and all, I have to {for my own sanity} have her checked out.

After the testing, I took her down to La Jolla for a beach picnic. Why? Because that is what I like to do and that is what I did after a lot of my IVF tests. Plus it was a beautiful day.

However my  daughter doesn’t seem to appreciate the beach as much as I do. She doesn’t like the sand on her feet or her hands for that matter and she isn’t fond of the water. In time, I know she will soon love it and I will have to drag her home. I hope!

Weekend at the Bay

We had a fantastic staycation at the bay this weekend. Great friends, food and fun. Kaili really enjoyed herself, between the  all the kids to play with, the sand to play in and  the birds and boats to look at she was in heaven. The weather couldn’t have been better so were able to enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding and a lot of lounging around in our own controlled chaos.

not a bad view to wake up to
big girl
she did great playing by herself
she did great playing with her friends

fun in the sun

Brad and Michelle
fun with the swan
Kaili took her first ride in the kayak with mommy

I took a video of Kali on the beach. She was playing so nicely all by herself and getting a kick out of watching the kids fly kites.

I am looking forward to next year when she will be able to swim and run and get a little more out of it. Much thanks to the Warezaks for another fun Memorial day weekend!