That’ll be the Day

Kaili asked to go to sleep twice today. Even at SeaWorld she said she was ready to go home and take a nap, this marks the first day I didn’t have to drag her out of the park. I will admit though, that 5 minutes after she went to bed she came out saying “she slept good” and wanted to get up. No way Jose. It must be all the sunshine wearing her down, not to say she is sleeping in at all…sheesh, that’ll be the day.

Have I mentioned how nice it is now that she is in underwear? Not having to lug around diapers and worry about where I am going to change her. She has blown my mind with how fast she got it down and how well she is doing. Her first big accomplishment, this must be the proud mom thing I am feeling.

On the flip side I feel like I am telling her no all.the.time. “Kaili, don’t drill the cat.” “No, don’t lick the cat either.” “Don’t eat your toes, gross!” “NO, you can NOT poop in the shower.”

She doesn’t quite understand why there are certain things I can’t do due to my growing belly. She gets that there is a baby inside but you can’t reason with her. So when I tell her I can’t hold her for very long, shouldn’t lift her up all the time and can’t go on rides with her I feel so bad. She gets frustrated and I don’t blame her. I wish I could explain to her all the whys and why nots, I want to relish in these last few months where it will be just me, her and daddy. She gets so much one on one time with me that my heart breaks a tiny bit when I think about how that will all change,{in a good way} but nonetheless it won’t ever be like it is now. Not that I am worried for her, shit, that kid is some kind of fierce. She will handle everything just fine, it’s me that I’m worried about.



Hurry Up to Slow Down

I sent K to school in underwear for the first time and I worried as if I had just sent her off to college. I had high hopes on the way to school but It was just my luck that the one day, one day I decide to do this, her teacher was out sick. My optimism on her staying dry throughout the day suddenly diminished to a mere zilch. This growing up thing is a pain in the ass…me, not her.

Go ahead and call me Mrs. Positivity because I imagined the worst. But when I picked her up from school she was in the same clothes I took her in, that’s a good sign. Turns out she did great. She asked to use the potty when she had to go and didn’t have any accidents. Kaili-1 Me-0

Can you believe she will be 3 this month? What the hell time, slow down! {well slow down after I have this baby} Everyone always tells you how fast they grow up. The first year of her life seemed like the longest year ever, I doubted everyone who told me that. “They know nothing.” I thought.
But I regress, the past two years have galloped by and now I have a daughter who is using the potty and very excited about her birthday party. Perfect timing to throw a newborn into the mix if I do say so myself.

Kaili has changed a lot over the past few weeks, entering the terrifying threes if you will. You have to take that with a grain of salt because even on an off day she isn’t that bad. Lately however, the days without a nap are the scariest and come witching hour she is a force to be reckoned with. Along with the negatives come the positives, she has become more mature and independent. She is becoming interested in the “girly” clothes, loves wearing a skirt and pretending she is in Wonderland. You can thank Dora for that.



Potty Trial

Kaili came tearing into my room around 6 am. She climbed into my bed and gave me a hug, it’s so hard to kick her out when she does that. After breakfast she wanted to go pee in the potty, I decided to leave her diaper off for the duration of the morning and through lunch, just to see how she would do. There were no issues…how can this be?  She went to the bathroom when she needed to and on her own. I reminded her that she didn’t have a diaper on every 20 minutes or so but that is the only role I played . Clearly it’s not a matter of can she do it, it’s will she do it and do it consistently. She asked to put a diaper back on after she ate lunch, I guess a few hours was enough.

Once she wakes from nap we are headed to Target for big girl underwear and stickers. We will try potting training this weekend  when we don’t have to leave the house. What do I do if she asks for a diaper? Advice?

I finally went through Kaili’s baby clothes, well I went through newborn to 6 months. Baby steps. Trying to wrap my head around having a baby in the house again and ALL THE CRAP that goes along with them.

photo 1

Maybe if I don’t think about it… but then what will I obsess over?


Pregnancy wise I felt a lot better yesterday, thankfully. I got a good nights sleep and tried to take it easy most of the day. Kaili is sick so there isn’t too much we can do anyhow. As soon as I think whatever contractions were happening last weekend are gone bam I get one. I am chalking them up to Braxton Hicks but I’m not exactly sure what I should do, if anything. I know the nurse said to head to the hospital if they came back but having 1 every once in awhile doesn’t warrant hours in Triage…does it? And the fact that I am getting them at night is just plain inconvenient. Advice? I guess I will call the Doc back and see what they suggest.



Kaili has been showing more interest in the potty. She seems to be grasping the concept, when she says she needs to go potty she does. I find that if I initiate it with a timer she gets discouraged so as of now I am following her lead. I need to bite the bullet and pull the diaper but I don’t want to jump the gun either. Advice?