Potty Trial

Kaili came tearing into my room around 6 am. She climbed into my bed and gave me a hug, it’s so hard to kick her out when she does that. After breakfast she wanted to go pee in the potty, I decided to leave her diaper off for the duration of the morning and through lunch, just to see how she would do. There were no issues…how can this be?  She went to the bathroom when she needed to and on her own. I reminded her that she didn’t have a diaper on every 20 minutes or so but that is the only role I played . Clearly it’s not a matter of can she do it, it’s will she do it and do it consistently. She asked to put a diaper back on after she ate lunch, I guess a few hours was enough.

Once she wakes from nap we are headed to Target for big girl underwear and stickers. We will try potting training this weekend  when we don’t have to leave the house. What do I do if she asks for a diaper? Advice?

I finally went through Kaili’s baby clothes, well I went through newborn to 6 months. Baby steps. Trying to wrap my head around having a baby in the house again and ALL THE CRAP that goes along with them.

photo 1

Maybe if I don’t think about it… but then what will I obsess over?

2 thoughts on “Potty Trial

  1. pshhht…tell her no if she asks for a diaper.. and ohhhhh there’s absolutely no way you can kick her outta bed after the big ole GOOD MORNING HUG!! 🙂 Glad baby ‘A’ has a good start in the clothing department!! WOOOO!!

  2. Oh boy! That sounded easy, the potty training. She is one smart cookie! It was never that easy with boys.

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