Hurry Up to Slow Down

I sent K to school in underwear for the first time and I worried as if I had just sent her off to college. I had high hopes on the way to school but It was just my luck that the one day, one day I decide to do this, her teacher was out sick. My optimism on her staying dry throughout the day suddenly diminished to a mere zilch. This growing up thing is a pain in the ass…me, not her.

Go ahead and call me Mrs. Positivity because I imagined the worst. But when I picked her up from school she was in the same clothes I took her in, that’s a good sign. Turns out she did great. She asked to use the potty when she had to go and didn’t have any accidents. Kaili-1 Me-0

Can you believe she will be 3 this month? What the hell time, slow down! {well slow down after I have this baby} Everyone always tells you how fast they grow up. The first year of her life seemed like the longest year ever, I doubted everyone who told me that. “They know nothing.” I thought.
But I regress, the past two years have galloped by and now I have a daughter who is using the potty and very excited about her birthday party. Perfect timing to throw a newborn into the mix if I do say so myself.

Kaili has changed a lot over the past few weeks, entering the terrifying threes if you will. You have to take that with a grain of salt because even on an off day she isn’t that bad. Lately however, the days without a nap are the scariest and come witching hour she is a force to be reckoned with. Along with the negatives come the positives, she has become more mature and independent. She is becoming interested in the “girly” clothes, loves wearing a skirt and pretending she is in Wonderland. You can thank Dora for that.



2 thoughts on “Hurry Up to Slow Down

  1. Kaili does look older—cute as ever. It will be a good time for her to have a baby sister.

  2. Kaili does look older–cute as ever! It will be a good time for her to have a baby sister.

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