Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Photos

Saturday we headed out to Bates Nut Farm to do the pumpkin patch thing. Kaili wore her Seahawks cheerleader costume and actually kept her hair in pigtails for me.

I took her into the petting zoo. When I was a little older than Kaili, my parents took me to a petting zoo where I was attacked my a goat for the food I was holding, luckily I survived. Kaili almost had a similar experience when she nearly got head butted by a greedy goat. Fun was had by all.

Kaili roamed around the pumpkin patch and got a kick out the pumpkins that were twice her size. We let her pick out one pumpkin and then we hit the road. We had wine tasting to do.

Kaili has become a pro in the toddler -wine -taster- side kick role. She loves meeting new people and checking out new places, which is good because we are heading to Paso Robles for a wine-vacation next week.We hit up Vineyards winery where we sat on the patio, sipped wine and listened to music. Then we went to Vesper winery where we sat on the patio and sipped wine. Do you see a pattern here?

Vesper Winery

entertaining herself

I guess next up is carving the pumpkins, that is why we got one right? Oh and the pumpkin seeds, I think that is my favorite part.

2 thoughts on “Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Photos

  1. Looks like a great day! I see Kaili finally lost the pigtails at the winery – that’s usually when I lose mine to so I can relate 🙂 Did you have her stick her hand in the pumpkin guts when you carved? Have fun baking punkin seeds!!

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