18 Month Dr. Visit

Kaili is underweight and it’s affecting her height, crud! She eats like a bird, so now I have to make sure her birdseed is packed with calories. I wonder if she would like her fries with mayonnaise?

She weighs a whopping 19 lbs but in her defense she did just get over a bad cold and she still has a lingering cough. The Dr. said I can give her Zyrtec once a day to help. Then I stumbled upon this article and now my paranoia is at an elevated level, I am about to go sanitize all her pacifiers. I will admit I lack in that department because they don’t leave her room but that is no excuse.

We didn’t talk much about her speech since I have already taken the steps to get her assessed on my own. Her evaluation is next week. I had a packet of a gazillion papers to fill out that all asked the same questions in different ways. The questions were geared towards early Autism symptoms <— I am not sure that is the word I am looking for  but you get my drift, right?  The only 18- month developmental skill she doesn’t have is language.

Our Dr. said she wasn’t concerned with her lack of speech since her understanding was just fine, Kaili likes to show off!

We are scheduled to go back in 7 weeks for a weight check. I am hoping loads of mashed potatoes, stuffing and cuisine de Walla Walla will do the trick!

Kaili only had 2 vaccinations left to get and we threw in a flu shot, then I left the room. Nothing can make a mothers’ heartbreak like hearing your child screaming from the other end of a building. Shane said the gentle nurse stabbed her pretty hard and there was blood. I am glad I missed it, I may have smacked her. Luckily that is it until her Kindergarten shots!

2 thoughts on “18 Month Dr. Visit

  1. I remember my sister having some issues with her son gaining weight – though I think he was older. But she started giving him Ensure Plus to drink. I think it tastes like chocolate milk and has a boatload of fat and calories. Pretty much worked like a charm, since the boy just did not want to eat. Anyway, just figured I’d pass along the idea… xoxo

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