Operation Christmas Tree and Fatten Up The Baby

To put some LBs on the little one I hit the store and bought bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter { I made my own and didn’t love the results so store bought it is } oatmeal, ritz crackers, cheese, noodles, Alfredo sauce and  vanilla Carnation instant breakfast to add to her milk. I am stopping short of giving her whipped cream with her fruit and ice cream for dessert. Hopefully this crap food does the trick.

I also got around to making this felt Christmas tree I saw on Pinterest months ago. After  $15 and 45 minutes this is what we have.

I cut it all free hand except the star, stars are hard. I bought double sided mounting  tape and it was a waste of money because it didn’t stick to the felt, even though I was told that it would. I found some sticky velcro and the rough part holds it up just great.

There you have it, our Christmas tree for the year!

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